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Success Stories
Our resume writers produce technical resumes that pay for themselves.
Here's what our clients have to say about our service.

Our Guarantee
Many resume writers will rewrite your resume if you are unable to obtain an interview in the first 30 days.
Our guarantee goes a couple of steps further.

Do it Yourself?
If you are looking for work in a competitive field you may want to know this little secret.
Find out why do-it-yourself resume writing often fails.

Expensive Resumes
Ineffective resumes can be very expensive. An ineffective resume can cost thousands of dollars in lost time, income,
and opportunity. Each extra day you spend looking for work can cost $200 - $400 in lost income. If your resume does not sell, you will not be considered for most desirable and lucrative jobs in your field.

Learn more about effective resume writing.

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For Engineers

ResumeLogic specializes in resumes for engineers and resumes for engineering careers. As well as many other Technical fields. ResumeLogic provides tools for engineering job search and engineer resume marketing tools for Engineers of all engineering disciplines. By looking at our engineer resumes tips and samples, you can learn how to write a resume that engineering recruiters will appreciate.
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FREE Sample Resumes

Free Resume Samples
The following list of sample engineering resumes includes resume samples that cover a wide variety of engineering disciplines. These sample engineer resumes and resume templates provide job seekers and job seeking engineers with several examples of resume formats and layouts that will work for many engineers, regardless of the number of years of experience and engineering discipline.

Free Sample Resumes
Take care not to simply copy just any resume format that you happen to find appealing. When it comes to resumes, one size DOES NOT fit all! Instead, consider your sample resume choice very carefully. Pick and choose the concepts or parts of any of these sample resumes that best solves your unique resume challenges. Select the format that most emphasizes your strengths and achievements and excludes or reduces your weaknesses. Your engineering resume needs to impress the recruiter or hiring manager enough to get you a interview. Engineering resume samples are listed below.

Engineer Resume Samples

Civil Engineer
Commissioning Engineer
Consulting Engineer
Design Engineer
Electro-Mechanical Engineer
Environmental Engineer
Industrial Engineer 1
Industrial Engineer 2
Manufacturing Engineer
Mechanical Engineer 1
Mechanical Engineer 2
Plant Engineer 1
Plant Engineer 2
Process Engineer
Project Engineer 1
Project Engineer 2
Systems Engineer

Need Resume Help?
Need resume or cover letter help? Contact ResumeLogic and you'll get plenty of assistance writing your resume and cover letter. So if you need resume writing help, contact Resume Logic. That's what we do.

Let us rewrite your resume to deliver maximum impact.
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Resume Logic Writing Service
- An Unfair Advantage

Can your marketing resume beat 95% of the competition?

Imagine yourself at the end of a successful job search.
There are two things between you and that goal — writing a compelling resume and interviewing effectively. Resume writing comes first.

If you would like to get the best job for your skill level, you should place a strong emphasis on writing the best resume and cover letter possible. Anything less will result in wasted time and effort, missed job opportunities, and lost income.

Let's talk about your resume.
Searching for work is time consuming and not a lot of fun. Common sense suggests that using a subpar resume to apply for competitive jobs is a waste of time. Whether you write your own resume or employ a professional resume writer, you should always present the best resume possible.

Let us rewrite your resume to deliver maximum impact.
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Areas of Engineering Resume Writing

Our engineering resume packages are geared toward positions in the following areas of engineering:

• Aerospace Engineering Jobs
• Applications Engineering Jobs
• Biomedical Engineering Jobs
• Chemical Engineering Jobs
• Civil Engineering Jobs
• Computer Engineering Jobs
• Controls Engineering Jobs
• Electrical Engineering Jobs
• Electronic Engineering Jobs
• Environmental Engineering Jobs
• Facility Engineering Jobs
• Geological Engineering Jobs
• HVAC Engineering Jobs
• Instrumentation Engineering Jobs
• Industrial Engineering Jobs
• Maintenance Engineering Jobs
• Manufacturing Engineering Jobs
• Marine Engineering Jobs
• Materials Engineering Jobs
• Mechanical Engineering Jobs
• Mining Engineering Jobs
• Network Engineering Jobs
• Nuclear Engineering Jobs
• Petroleum Engineering Jobs
• Piping Engineering Jobs
• Process Engineering Jobs
• Safety Engineering Jobs
• Telecom Engineering Jobs
• Welding Engineering Jobs
• Any other Engineering Jobs


Does your resume sell your ability to deliver results?
Many engineering candidates develop their resumes with the help of resume writers. If you write your resume without professional assistance, you could be at a disadvantage.

We approach each engineering resume writing project from an employer's perspective. Our staff has solid experience interviewing, recruiting, placing and hiring people for marketing jobs. Each engineering resume we create is designed to set our client apart from other candidates, and convince the recruiter or hiring manager that our client is best suited to achieve their firm's objectives.

Our engineering resume service is for mid level and senior engineering professionals seeking positions in a wide variety of industries. Our services include engineering resume and cover letter rewrites, free resume critiques, and job search advice.

Over the last five years, we have written and revamped numerous resumes and cover letters for engineering professionals at all experience levels and can show you how to optimize your job search and get better job offers.

We distill information obtained from telephone consultations and emailed questionnaires into high impact engineering resumes that are guaranteed to yield superlative results. If you are not able to provide sufficient information on any of your current or previous employers, we will conduct whatever research is necessary to obtain a solid understanding of the employer, the industry, and your role in that environment.

Let us rewrite your resume to deliver maximum impact.
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* Get more information about our guarantee...
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Let us use the experience we have gained on the other side of the fence to your advantage. We make experienced, highly qualified engineers, professionals and executives look even better. Your resume will come to you custom-built, with the best guarantee in the industry.

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Aerospace Engineers
Agricultural Engineers
Applications Engineers
Biomedical Engineers
Chemical Engineers
Civil Engineers
Computer Engineers
Controls Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Electronic Engineers
Environmental Engineers
Facility Engineers
Geological Engineers
HVAC Engineers
Instrumentation Engineers
Industrial Engineers
Maintenance Engineers
Manufacturing Engineers
Marine Engineers
Materials Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Mining Engineers
Naval Architectural Engineers
Network Engineers
Nuclear Engineers
Petroleum Engineers
Piping Engineers
Process Engineers
Safety Engineers
Telecom Engineers
Welding Engineers
Aerospace Engineering Resumes
Agricultural Engineering Resumes
Applications Engineering Resumes
Biomedical Engineering Resumes
Chemical Engineering Resumes
Civil Engineering Resumes
Computer Engineering Resumes
Controls Engineering Resumes
Electrical Engineering Resumes
Electronic Engineering Resumes
Environmental Engineering Resumes
Facility Engineering Resumes
Geological Engineering Resumes
HVAC Engineering Resumes
Instrumentation Engineering Resumes
Industrial Engineering Resumes
Maintenance Engineering Resumes
Manufacturing Engineering Resumes
Marine Engineering Resumes
Materials Engineering Resumes
Mechanical Engineering Resumes
Mining Engineering Resumes
Naval Architectural Engineering Resumes
Network Engineering Resumes
Nuclear Engineering Resumes
Petroleum Engineering Resumes
Piping Engineering Resumes
Process Engineering Resumes
Safety Engineering Resumes
Telecom Engineering Resumes
Welding Engineering Resumes


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