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Technical Resume Services
Resume Outline
Technical Resume Writing for Technology Professionals
The competition for technical jobs is tough. Can your technical resume beat 95% of the competition? Does your resume sell your technical ability effectively? Many technical professionals develop their resume with the help of professional resume writers. If you write your own technical resume, you could be at a disadvantage.

Although we have written resumes for technology professionals in a wide variety of specialties, our primary area of technical resume writing is information technology. We understand information technology and believe that we are better qualified to prepare IT resumes and cover letters than most resume writers.

Our certified technical resume writer specializes in writing resumes for software engineers; systems, network, and database administrators; IT managers and executives; voice and data communications engineers; and other technology professionals.

Although our work is backed by the best guarantee in the industry, we have never had to honor the terms of the guarantee because we take a proactive approach to helping our clients obtain technical employment. We provide job search tips and resources, including a list of niche technical job boards most technical professionals have never heard of.

Our technical resumes consistently produce promising interviews within two weeks of use.
Let us rewrite your resume to deliver maximum impact.
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Barbarians at the Gate and
Other Dilemmas
If your resume cannot get past recruiters and other gatekeepers, the hiring manager will not see your resume. Keywords are important because technical recruiters love to match buzzwords with job requirements. But, as most technology managers can testify, buzzwords can get you past a technical recruiter but they will not get you an interview with a hiring manager.

Your technical resume must answer every hiring manager's question: "What can you do for me?" The most efficient way to answer this question is to provide rich details of your technical experience—details that will put most technical recruiters to sleep.

How does one write a resume that satisfies technical recruiters and hiring managers? One talks to the folks at Resume Logic. We have written technical resumes with great success and do not adopt a simplistic buzzword-centered approach to technical resume writing. Before we write each resume, we examine our client's goals, scrutinize the job prerequisites, devise strategy, then develop a roadmap. Our approach is strategic, structured, and effective.
Let us rewrite your resume to deliver maximum impact.
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Expertise in Technical
Resume Writing
Just about every Web site that claims to have "technical resume writing" ability, provides a keyword-rich sample resume to imply expertise. A sample technical resume does not prove expertise. All a sample resume proves is that the writer has access to one or two technical resumes—we have tens of thousands in our database. If you want to find out if the writer speaks your language, you will have to pick up the telephone and ask a few questions.

Knowledge is power; we know technology. Although keywords are important, it is essential that the resume writer understand the underlying technology in order to present your technical experience effectively. Most resume writers (over 99%), do not know the difference between class libraries and public libraries. Needless to say, we do.

Our technical resume writers understand why JavaScript is not Java, why C++ trumps Java in certain applications, and vice versa. We understand why .NET frameworks are not an alternative to dot-coms, the difference between production and development DBAs, and are aware that ERwin is a "what" not a "who". These are minor details that can confuse a generic or ignorant "technical" resume writer.

Our technical resume writers also understand more involved details like potential issues and complications that could arise during the migration of legacy data to a data warehouse or data mart. We get voice and data communications, can discuss the difference between packet-based and circuit-switched networks, and know a thing or two about QoS, BGP, and MPLS.

We understand the issues and complexities associated with building, deploying, and integrating complex software, hardware, and telecommunications technologies across disparate platforms, protocols, topologies, and architectures. Even more important, we know were to obtain information about technical details we do not understand.
  - Why is this important?
    A resume writer needs to understand your background and technical environment in order to ask the right questions, fill in critical details, edit verbose technical data, and prioritize the content in your resume.
Let us rewrite your resume to deliver maximum impact.
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Areas of Technical
Resume Writing Expertise
Resume Logic writes and revamps resumes and cover letters for technology professionals in a variety of industries. We have prepared technical resumes and cover letters for junior, mid-level, and senior professionals in many information technology areas of specialization including:
  - Computer Security – Encryption, Intrusion Detection and Countermeasures, Digital Certificates, HIPAA
  - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  - Data Engineering – Integrity, Migration, Integration, Warehousing
  - Database Administration (DBA)
  - Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  - Semiconductor FPGA/ASIC Design, Verification Engineering
  - Network Engineering
  - Optical Networking
  - Professional Services
  - Project Management, Program Management
  - Pre/Post Sales Systems Engineering
  - Senior Technology Management – CTO/CIO, Director, VP of Engineering
  - Software Application Development
  - Software Quality Assurance – Black, White, Gray
  - Storage Engineering
  - System Administration
  - Technical Account Management
  - Technical Marketing
  - Technology Management – Team Lead, Manager, Project Manager
  - Wireless and Wireline Telecommunications Engineering
Let us rewrite your resume to deliver maximum impact.
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Let us use the experience we have gained on the other side of the fence to your advantage. We make experienced, highly qualified engineers, professionals and executives look even better. Your resume will come to you custom-built, with the best guarantee in the industry.
Contact us to discuss your options.
Should you write your own resume? We think not.
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