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Job Search Tips for Online Applicants
Let's say you have updated your resume and cover letter. You now have the tools you need to get you into interviews. Here are a few practical tips for searching for jobs online and offline. You are probably familiar with traditional nuggets of job search wisdom. We agree with the obvious — networking for instance. Here are a few tips that can help you in your job search:
Manage your job search
If you are handling your job search properly, you are customizing your resume based on the position applied for. Keep track of all jobs, and various versions of your resume, with contact management software.

You can use the Microsoft Outlook contact manager to track the positions you apply for. Outlook will allow you to sort your contacts by company name, contact person, location etc. You can paste each customized resume in the body of the contact card - Outlook will retain the formatting of Word documents. This will enable you to keep track of the version of the resume you submit for a particular opportunity. This is important because you will want to present the correct version of your resume when you go to each interview.

You can also use Outlook to set up follow-up reminders. You will probably not want to use it as an email client because of its well-documented vulnerabilities. (See Electronic Resume Writing Tips for information on a very serious defect.)

The resumes that you send out should all have the same file name because you do not want to make it obvious that you have multiple versions of the same resume, even though this is the prudent thing to do.

The title of each customized resume file should be:


NOT Jane_Smith_Resume1.RTF,

Your name should be part of the file's title to facilitate search and retrieval by recruiters. You can organize the different versions by placing them in separate electronic folders (one for each employer) or by using a contact manager like Outlook. Outlook is preferable because it is less cumbersome and has many useful features.
Use nontraditional job search resources
Most people who search for jobs online use major job boards like Monster, HotJobs and Dice. As large as these engines are, the number of jobs listed do not begin to approach the total number of jobs available at any given time. Many jobs are never advertised. Of the jobs that are advertised, employers may be reluctant to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for national online advertising. There are many more jobs on corporate, newspaper, and specialty Web sites than there are on the top job search engines.

For example, for engineering jobs, look at sites like:
You can use meta job search engines to search newspaper classifieds and corporate Web sites. Meta search engines search other search engines. Many newspapers place all their classified job ads in online search engines located on their Web sites. If you are targeting jobs within a limited geographic area, you can search the classifieds on these Web sites.

Various business activities can lead to additional hiring. Press releases offer a good source of information on mergers and acquisitions, new product releases, and industry trends. Other sources of useful information include online trade publications and yellow pages.
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